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Visit to the research centre

March 30, 2022

Yesterday, COMPAS had a nice visit from Regional Council Chairman Heino Knudsen. Researchers, patients and healthcare staff involved in research projects in COMPAS in Region Zealand participated together with representatives from the management at SUH. The top priority on the agenda was to introduce the Chairman of the Regional Council to why it is so important that we do research into inequality in cancer, and why it is particularly relevant in our region. Many good questions were asked, and in particular about how we ensure that our research benefits the patients in the region - and of course the whole of Denmark - in the long term. Our guests were presented with the patients' perspectives, and these stood as shining examples of what it has meant for them and their cancer course to participate in our projects.​


How can we involve vulnerable patients in clinical trials?

March 21, 2022

This and many more questions were asked and discussed after presentations from a handful of researchers from different research fields and backgrounds. When new interventions are developed for the benefit of patients with cancer, it is important that the most vulnerable patients are catered for and included in implementation processes, to ensure that research progress also reaches those who often have the greatest needs. One result if this fails may be that we increase inequality in cancer instead of reducing it. This was the theme of the seminar where we invited researchers across the research fields of pre-habilitation, patient navigation, registry research, rehabilitation, implementation research and a member of the National Scientific Ethics Committees.

seminar 21.3.22.jpg

Vulnerability index - new publication

March 22, 2022.

Social vulnerability is an expression of how a person's overall life situation makes the person vulnerable to health problems. Social vulnerability is therefore broader than looking at individual factors such as education, income, unemployment and marital status. Until now, there has not been a measure of social vulnerability for research with data from the Danish registers.

In a new publication from COMPAS work package 5, Jens-Jakob Kjer Møller and his co-authors have developed and investigated a registry-based vulnerability index, which they will use in their further investigation of inequality in rehabilitation and palliation.

social vulnerabilityFigure_edited.png


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