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Our vision at COMPAS – Research Center for Equality in Cancer is to ensure optimal cancer treatment for all Danish cancer patients, regardless of social status and personal vulnerability.



At COMPAS, we have a mission to:

  • pave the way for better and more inclusive treatment through science of the highest quality

  • Make it possible for more patients to be offered optimal treatment and for more patients to be offered rehabilitation and palliative treatment adapted to their needs and wishes.

  • Patient involvement and patient optimization become part of the treatment on an equal footing with medical and surgical cancer treatment



Research of high international class: We will develop all projects in COMPAS in close collaboration with patients and clinicians. We will test interventions that have been carefully developed through pilot studies. We want to focus on feasibility. Our research must benefit patients and we work with patients to find solutions.

Sharing and disseminating new knowledge: COMPAS is a national research initiative and our mission is to share knowledge both in the scientific environment, but also in cancer departments and municipalities in Denmark and in particular to patients and their relatives through patient associations, social media and the press.

From research to reality: We will work to ensure that effective solutions against inequality in cancer are widespread and adapted in the daily clinic across types of cancer and patients' age, gender and social conditions.

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